About Us

About Us

Earth Metallurgical Services Pvt. Ltd.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a material testing laboratory, Earth Metallurgical Services Pvt. Ltd., established in October 2012 in the heart of TALOJA MIDC.

With our decade-old experience, we cater to metal testing requirements for Manufacturers of Various Industries, Fabricators, Material Suppliers, and Traders for various Material testing requirements.

We got NABL Accredited laboratory in 2014 in the field of Chemical, Mechanical, Corrosion, and Metallography testing of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials.

We are also approved by various inspection agencies, viz., EIL, TUV, BVIL, IRS, SGS, ABS, DESMET, etc. And Approved by NTPC, LNT, Reliance, Lechler, etc.

We conduct Testing and conform the Raw Materials, Plates, Bars, Rolled Products, Pipes, Tubes, Structural products, Wires, Finished Products, etc Made of Iron and Steel, Aluminium, Copper, and Nickel as per Various National (BIS, IS) and International Standards(ASTM, ASME, BS, EN, DIN ISO, JIS, etc.

We have world-class equipment and facilities for Chemical, Mechanical, Corrosion, and Metallography testing with in-house Sample Preparation. We also provide NDT Services i.e.PMI, UT, MPI, DP, Portable Hardness, Portable Thickness, Etc at Customers facotry/ warehouses on prior appointment.

For Chemical Testing We have Procured one of the Best Spectrometers in The World from Ametek Germany, Spectro Lab M11, Factory Calibrated for Four Bases Fe, Cu, Al, Ni. This is the most accurate spectrometer with the best repeatability, and it can measure up to PPB levels (0.00002%) for certain critical elements. We Analyse 32 Elements in Metals Including Gaseous elements Oxygen and Nitrogen. This is possible due to 86 Hybrid CCD and PMT line element detector lines.

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